Sarah Gatson | Associate Professor
Ph.D. Northwestern University


Research Interests

  • Race/Ethnic/Minority Relations
  • Law and Society
  • Cultural Sociology
  • Gender
  • Qualitative Methods
  • Community & Citizenship
  • Communication & Information Technology


I am most interested in how people organize themselves in terms of community and citizenship. These two concepts both run parallel to one another, and are two ends of a continuum. Because “community” and “citizenship” are broad, contested processes, there are many ways one can study them. I focused my analyses initially upon gender and race as they intersect with these processes. I am also concerned with their significance as cultural systems, and as ideologies that permeate all our lives. I have moved back and forth from a focus on policy and law, and thus the more formal process of citizenship, to a more generalized focus on the micro- to macro-level processes of identity, community, and citizenship, and the connections between these processes.

Courses Taught

  • SOCI 210 - Sociology of Science and Technology
  • SOCI 212 - Sociology of Popular Culture
  • SOCI 315 - The Marriage Institution
  • SOCI 404 - Sociology of Community
  • SOCI 445 - Sociology of Law
  • SOCI 603 - The Contemporary Family (Graduate Level)
  • SOCI 624 - Qualitative Methods (Graduate Level)
  • SOCI 629 - Sociology of Law (Graduate Level)
  • SOCI 651 - Sociology of Culture (Graduate Level)
  • SOCI 657 - Popular Culture (Graduate Level)

Representative Publications

  • Gatson SN (2011). “The Methods, Ethics, and Politics of Representation in Online Ethnography,” In Handbook of Qualitative Research, Eds. Norman Denzin and Yvonna Lincoln, 4th Edition, Sage, 513-527.
  • Gatson SN (2011). “Self-Naming Practices on the Internet: Identity, Authenticity, and Community.” Cultural Studies Critical Methodologies, 11 (3): 224-235.
  • Gatson SN and Zweerink A (2004). Interpersonal Culture on the Internet – Television, the Internet, and the Making of a Community, Lewiston, NY: The Edwin Mellen Press: Studies in Sociology Series, no. 40.

Department of Sociology, Texas A&M University, 311 Academic Bldg, 4351 TAMU, College Station, TX 77843-4351 • tel: 979-845-5133, fax: 979-862-4057
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