James Burk Burk, James Social Theory, Political Sociology, Morality and Society, History of Sociology here
Campbell, Mary Campbell, Mary

 Race and Ethnicity, Identity, Health

Samuel Cohn Cohn, Samuel Economic Development, Sociology of the Third World, Sociology of Brazil here
Katheryn Dietrich Dietrich, Katheryn Contemporary Sociological Theory, Classical Sociological Theory, Race & Ethnic Relations here
John Eason

Eason, John

Crime, Race, Rural Sociology, Sociology of Punishment, and Urban Sociology here
Joe Feagin Feagin, Joe Racial and Ethnic Studies, Gender Relations, Urban Political Economy here
Mark Fossett Fossett, Mark Racial and Ethnic Relations, Social Inequality, Social Demography, Urban Sociology here
Holly Foster Foster, Holly Crime, Deviance, Life Course, Social Inequality, Quantitative Methods here
Sarah Gatson Gatson, Sarah Race/Ethnic/Minority Relations, Law and Society, Cultural Sociology, Gender, Qualitative Methods, Communication & Information Technology, Community & Citizenship here
Pat Goldsmith Goldsmith, Pat Race and Ethnic Relations, School/Neighborhood Segregation, Quantitative Methods, Latina/os, Immigration here
Kathryn Henderson Henderson, Kathryn Science and Technology, Cultural Sociology, Qualitative Methodology here
 Hernandez, Alexander A.  Science, Technology, & Knowledge, Sociology of Work, Aging and the Life Course, Sociological Pedagogy  here
 Howard, Dan  Minority Health and Health Disparities, Health Policy Services  here
Joseph O. Jewell Jewell, Joseph O. Race & Ethnicity, Intersections of Race/Class/Gender, African American Experiences in the U. S., Historical Sociology, Sociology of Education here
Verna M. Keith Keith, Verna Mental Health, Medical, Race/Ethnicity here
Lakkimsetti,Chaitanya   Sociology of Gender, Sexualities, Law and Society, Global Sociology, Ethnography, Qualitative Research Methods  here
Judith Linneman Linneman, Judith Rural Sociology, Environmental Sociology, Family here
 Dongxiao Liu Liu, Dongxiao

Comparative Historical Sociology, Social Movements, Gender, Social Policy, China & India

Robert Mackin Mackin, Robert Political Sociology, Sociology of Religion, Comparative and Historical, Qualitative Methods, Latin America here
Reuben A. Buford May May, Reuben Race and Culture, Sociology of Sport, Sociology of the Everyday, Urban Ethnography here
William McIntosh McIntosh, William Sociology of Food & Nutrition, Culture, Social Change, and Survey Research Methods here
Stjepan Mestrovic Meštrović, Stjepan

Social Theory, Durkheim, War Crimes

Wendy Leo Moore Moore, Wendy Race & Ethnicity, Critical Race Theory, Sociology of Law, Race/Class/Gender, Ethnographic Methods here
 Morris, Theresa  Economic Sociology, Political Sociology, Gender, Medical Sociology here
Edward Murguia Murguia, Edward Latina/o Sociology, Drug Use, Marriage and Family here
Hiroshi Ono Ono, Hiroshi Economic Sociology, Stratification and Inequality, Work and Labor Markets, and International Business here
Heili Pals Pals, Heili Social Inequality, Depression, Social Psychology, Deviance, Entrepreneurship, Demography here
Nancy Plankey Videla Plankey Videla, Nancy Sociology of Work, Gender, Globalization & Development, Latin America, Qualitative Methods here
Plickert, Gabriele Criminology, Sociology of Law, Life Course, Mental Health, Transition to Adulthood, Stratification and Inequality, Quantitative Methods and Statistics here
Dudley Poston Poston, Dudley Demography, Human Ecology, Quantitative Methods, China & Korea, and Sex & Gender here
Harland Prechel Prechel, Harland Economic Sociology, Political Sociology, Class, Comparative & Historical, Theory here
Arthur Sakamoto Sakamoto, Arthur

Social Mobility and Class Stratification, Labor Markets, Racial and Ethnic Inequality, Economic Sociology, Japanese Studies 

Jane Sell Sell, Jane Small Groups, Social Psychology here
Kazuko Suzuki Suzuki, Kazuko International Migration, Race and Ethnic Relations, Gender, Asian/Asian-American Studies here
Warren Waren Waren, Warren Social Inequality, Demography, Sociology of Music  here
Woods, Tim Age/ Gerontology, Community, Death and Dying, Organizations, Social Problems, Service- Learning  here

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